Tour by Technology: Hosier Lane, Melbourne

STEP INTO MELBOURNE CITY’S Hosier Lane, where street art and graffiti — some of it worthy, some of it not — are sanctioned and celebrated. Ebulliently vivd by day, the cobbled lane is occupied by tourists with long lenses; at dusk, young men and women step into the neon and shadows with spray cans and pots of paste; at night, cold street lights tinge the paints and ghastly-eyed creatures peer from the bricks.

Hosier Lane is ever-changing, its works painted over and over in a thick stratum of colour. Scann3d, a Melbourne-based 3D property visualisation company with an eye for art and heritage, have captured a moment in its evolution — in this street-view-like tour, time stands static as we wander. Step out with a click and explore.

Screenshot of 3D Hosier Lane tour by Scann3D, Melbourne



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